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Manual Horizontal Bandsaws  

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Alligator Bandsaw Machines  

Saws UK began producing heavy-duty, European-built, Alligator Bandsaws nearly 30 years ago to meet high standards of the British market. Alligator bandsaws are hydraulically controlled, gravity feed bandsaws that cut solids, tubes and sections in stainless steel, mild steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics with a mitre swivel head. They provide a cutting-edge sawing solution and great value for money. Alligator Touch Screen CNC Bandsaws start with 250mm capacity and go up to a staggering 1100mm, with lots of variants in between. Program the size and quantity, and let the machine do the rest! 
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Manual Alligator Bandsaws  

Alligator Double Mitre Bandsaw HD280LR
Alligator HD280LR  
Mitre Bandsaw 
300mm round, 375mm jaw 
Alligator Mitre Bandsaw HD375R
Alligator HD375R  
Mitre Bandsaw 
300mm round, 375mm jaw 
Alligator Double Mitre Bandsaw HD375LR
Alligator HD375LR  
Double Mitre 
300mm round, 375mm jaw 
Alligator Bandsaw HD400LR
Alligator HD400LR-H  
Double Mitre 
330 round, 400mm jaw 

Semi-Automatic Alligator Bandsaws  

HD260LR Semi-automatic Bandsaw
Alligator HD375 SAF 
Double Mitre 
295mm round, 370mm jaw 
Semi-automatic Bandsaw HD510LR
Alligator HD510 SAF 
Double Mitre 
380mm round, 510mm jaw 
HD 520 DSAF Automatic Bandsaw
Alligator HD520 DC SAF 
Dual-Column Semi-Automatic 
520mm round, 700mm jaw 
Semi-automatic Bandsaw HD260 SAF
Alligator HD620 SAF 
Double Mitre 
500mm round, 620mm jaw 
Dual-Column Semi-Automatic 
Robust system with mitre cutting 
HD 1100 DC GR
HD 1100 DC GR 
Dual-column band saw 
For cutting sheet material such as metal grids. 

Fully Automatic Alligator Bandsaws  

CNC Bandsaw HD250CNC
Alligator HD260 CNC 
Touch Screen Control 
260mm round, 250mm jaw 
CNC Bandsaw 330 DC CNC
Alligator 330 DC CNC 
Touch Screen Control 
330mm round, 360mm jaw 
Automatic Dual Column Bandsaw 
Stiff system and accurate cutting. 
Dynamic 2.6
Dynamic 2.6 
CNC Automatic Bandsaw 
Simple, powerful and robust.  
Dynamic 3.0
Dynamic 3.0 
CNC Automatic Bandsaw 
Extremely powerful and robust. 

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