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Material Cutting 
Insulation and Foam 

Alligator HD520 DC CNC 

The robust, fully automated bandsaw with CNC control finds general application in the industrial division of large series even in the most difficult and non-stop operations, which also applies to heavy workpieces of large cross-sections. The extremely strong construction of the arm of the saw band, in combination with its massive two-column mounting on linear guides, guarantees excellent rigidity of the entire system and precise cutting. The industrial saw band 41 x 1.3 mm is produced in many variants and enables the cutting of a wide range of materials, including stainless steel or tool steel. 
The machine is equipped with material feed using an industrial servo drive (servo motor with planetary gear). The servo drive together with the ball screw enable high speed and maximum accuracy of feeding the material, even with multiple feeds when cutting longer pieces. The possibility of setting three feed speeds (27, 42 or 50 mm/s) according to the weight and length of the divided material. The maximum length of a single delivery is 600 mm.  
The central control panel with a large color touch screen (7.5") guarantees simple, intuitive control of all machine functions. The control unit enables the programming of up to 60 programs for quick setting of the required length of delivery during repeated production. Each program can be provided with a note, e.g. drawing number. There is also the possibility of programming and cutting a different number of pieces of different lengths without the need for additional machine operation. The machine can be operated in fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual mode.  
Optimal clamping of the material during the cut is ensured by a full-stroke double-jaw vise that clamps the material before and after the cut and moves on linear guides. The hydraulic unit allows setting the necessary clamping force of the vise. Both guide blocks of the saw band are equipped with automatic regulation of pressure into the cut, which significantly speeds up and makes the cut more precise and increases the service life of the saw band.  
The machine is equipped with a massive screw conveyor as standard. Its location directly under the cut ensures optimal chip evacuation. Chips can be drained into a metal container with a removable drip pan (accessory). High-quality lighting of the work space is ensured by a powerful LED strip with a cover. Behind the cut, the vise can be equipped with a support roller for splitting long pieces or a slide of material for short pieces. 
In order to achieve maximum accuracy of material feeding and cutting accuracy, the machine is only intended for perpendicular cuts. 
The very robust construction of the machine, made up of massive welds, guarantees the absorption of vibrations. 
The large diameter of the impellers and the precise three-sided carbide guide guarantee the long-term life of the saw band and the precision of the cut. 
Easy intuitive operation with ergonomically positioned controls on the central control panel. 
Oversized storage of the impellers, tension wheel system and all rotating parts increases the long-term life of the machine. 
The silent and maintenance-free drive of the saw band is provided by an industrial electric motor with a worm gear. 
The machine is connected to a complete cooling system with a powerful pump and the possibility of separate flow regulation on both guide blocks and two other adjustable outlets. The emulsion bath with a powerful pump is located in the base of the machine. 
Checking the saw band for proper tension or breakage. When the saw band breaks, the machine switches off automatically. 
All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement. 
Standard Equipment 
Frequency converter  
Electrical cleaning brush 
Steel circular brush  
Pressure regulation 
Screw chips conveyor 
Rinse spray gun 
LED Light 
Optional Extras Available 
Material chute 
Oil mist lubrication 
Laser alignment 
Hydraulic tensioning 
Saw band tension indicator 
Signalling beacon M2 
Green light  
Red light 
Additional rollers 
Bevel gearbox with 5,5 kW motor 
Chip container 
Chip separator 
Magnetic chip separator 
Max Capacity 
Round 90° 
Square 90° 
Rectangle 90° 
Fully Automatic CNC Bandsaw 
Blade Size 
Main Motor 
Pump motor 
Hydraulic motor 
Blade speed 
15-90 m/min 
Vice Height 
Hydraulic system oil 
Oil Type 
approx 26L  
ISO 6743/4-HM 
DIN 51 524 part 2-HLP 
Coolant tank 
approx 35L 
Dimensions LxWxH 
Machine weight 
HD520 DC CNC alt
Blades for this machine are available here 
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