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Saws UK is a leading supplier of premium, cost-effective manual bandsaws that provide optimal performance and are suitable for heavy use. 
Our manual bandsaws include either a gravity feed or a pull-down operation, and most of our machines have swivel heads for mitre cuts. If you require fast, varied cuts, a pull-down machine is the ideal choice, and if your sawing takes time, the gravity feed machine is recommended as the best option. 
Our helpful team can help you find the best manual bandsaw machine for your budget and the materials you cut, including metals such as steel and aluminium, or plastics and wood. In collaboration with our international partners we also manufacture bespoke manual bandsaw machines for all applications and we export from the UK worldwide. Give us a call to discuss your requirements or view a selection of the manual bandsaws we supply below. 
Alligator Universal Bandsaw HD180
Alligator HD180  
Universal Bandsaw 
130mm round, 180mm jaw 
Alligator Double Mitre Bandsaw HD280LR
Alligator HD280LR  
Double Mitre Bandsaw 
235mm round, 280mm jaw 
Alligator Double Mitre Bandsaw HD280LR
Alligator HD305R  
Double Mitre Bandsaw 
260mm round, 300mm jaw 
Alligator Mitre Bandsaw HD375R
Alligator HD375R  
Mitre Bandsaw 
300mm round, 375mm jaw 
Alligator Double Mitre Bandsaw HD375LR
Alligator HD375LR  
Double Mitre 
300mm round, 375mm jaw 
Alligator Bandsaw HD400LR
Alligator HD375LR-H  
Double Mitre - Hydraulic Bow Lift 
300 round, 375mm jaw 
Alligator Bandsaw HD400LR
Alligator HD400LR-H  
Double Mitre - 34mm blade 
330 round, 400mm jaw 
Rusch 270 PD
Rusch 200R PD  
Pulldown Manual bandsaw 
Available in single and three phase 
Rusch 240R PD
Rusch 240R PD  
Pulldown Manual bandsaw 
Available in single and three phase 
Rusch 240R
Rusch 240R 
Manual bandsaw 
Available in single and three phase 
Rusch 315 LRM
Rusch 315 PD 
Pulldown Manual bandsaw 
Available in single and three phase 
Rusch 315 LRM
Rusch 315 LR 
Manual bandsaw 
Available in single and three phase 

What is a Manual Bandsaw? 

A manual bandsaw is a type of cutting machine where the operator manually handles the blade and workpiece to achieve the desired cuts. These models are typically more straightforward in design compared to automatic bandsaws, providing the operator with direct control over the cutting process. While manual saws are suitable for heavy use, their hands-on operation is also ideal for detailed work, small production runs, and projects that require a high degree of operator precision. Manual bandsaws are valued for their simplicity, ease of use and lower cost, which makes them versatile for a wide range of applications. 

Types of Manual Bandsaws 

Gravity feed bandsaws use gravity to assist in the cutting process. The blade frame is lowered onto the workpiece using its own weight, ensuring a steady and consistent cut. Gravity feed bandsaws are particularly useful for cutting through thick or dense materials, as the consistent pressure helps achieve a clean and precise cut without the need for manual force. 
Pull down bandsaws require the operator to physically pull the blade down through the material being cut. This type of manual bandsaw offers excellent control and is ideal for intricate cuts and detailed work. Simple to use, the pull down mechanism allows for precise adjustments and ensures that the operator can manage the speed and pressure of the cut effectively. 

Why Buy A Manual Bandsaw? 

Manual bandsaws are often selected due to a number of advantages they offer. Generally more affordable than their automated or semi-automated counterparts, they’re a cost-effective solution for small businesses and workshops. Suitable for cutting a wide range of materials, including metals, wood, and plastics, their versatility makes them a valuable addition to any workshop, particularly where high volume or continuous operation is not required. 
When using a manual bandsaw, operators have full control over the cutting process, allowing for precise adjustments and detailed work. With fewer mechanical components and simpler controls, manual bandsaws are easy to operate and maintain. This simplicity also translates to lower maintenance costs and less downtime. 

Expert Advice On Choosing A Manual Bandsaw 

With over 30 years experience in supplying bandsaws and commercial cutting machinery, at Saws UK our expert team is on hand to help you find the best option for your specific cutting requirements. Browse our range of saws from leading manufacturers, or get in touch for help and advice in finding the perfect model for your business. 

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