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Vertical Bandsaws  

Saws UK Ltd provide a wide range of vertical bandsaws to suit all industries from general use, workshops or toolroom applications. They have a wide speed range, enabling them to cut from steel to non-ferrous composites, wood and plastics. 
In collaboration with our international partners we manufacture bespoke vertical bandsaw machines for all applications and we export from the UK worldwide. Give us a call to discuss your requirements
DoAll 3613 V3 
Table Tilt 
915mm Throat 
Meber SR 400 
Wood Bandsaw 
915mm Throat 
Meber SR 500 
Wood Bandsaw 
Meber SR 600 
Wood Bandsaw 
Meber SR 700 
Wood Bandsaw 
Meber SR 900 
Wood Bandsaw 
Meber SR 900 Super 
Wood Bandsaw 
ACM Summa Range 
Sliding Table Saw 
Up to 910mm throat 
ACM Swing Range 
High Safety 
910mm throat 
Astro V500 
Electric table 
508mm Throat 
Astro V660  
Electric table 
658mm Throat 
Astro V900 
Electric table 
915mm Throat 
Bonetti OPUS 400 Series 
Hydraulic table 
600mm Throat 
Bonetti OPUS 600 Series 
Hydraulic table 
600mm Throat 
Bonetti OPUS 800 Series 
Hydraulic table 
600mm Throat 
Bonetti OPUS 1100 Series 
Hydraulic Table 
1100mm Throat 
Bonetti OPUS 1200 
Hydraulic Table 
1100mm Throat 
BSLL Range 
Aluminium Cutting 
Up to 780mm throat 
Meber SMV-3vol
Meber SM 3 V 
Aluminium Bandsaw 
Rusch MAX 620 GA
UZBLOCK 500 x500 x3500/4500/6000 
Vertical saw with fixed table for cutting large and heavy blocks 
Our helpful team are ready to discuss any of our machines with you - 
01892 663398 

Applications Of Vertical Bandsaw Machines 

Essential for a range of commercial applications, vertical bandsaws are designed for precision cutting and versatility. Unlike horizontal bandsaws, the blade on these machines moves vertically, which makes them ideal for intricate cuts and detailed work. Whether you’re working with metals, plastics, composites, or require a wood cutting bandsaw, our range offers the precision and control required for complex shapes and patterns. 
Vertical bandsaws are used in various industries for multiple applications. In metalworking, vertical bandsaws are used for tasks including cutting and shaping metal components, creating precise patterns, and trimming excess material. For wood cutting applications, vertical bandsaws are used to craft detailed wood pieces, make furniture components, and cut intricate designs. In facilities working with plastics, they’re often used to cut plastic sheets and components with precision, ensuring clean edges and smooth finishes. Vertical bandsaws are also used in prototyping and fabrication applications to manufacture prototypes, custom parts, and small production runs with high accuracy. 

Advantages of Vertical Bandsaws 

Vertical bandsaws can handle a wide range of materials and thicknesses, making them suitable for various industries and requirements. They excel in making curved cuts, intricate shapes, and complex patterns that would be challenging with other types of saws. 
The vertical design allows for greater visibility and control over the cutting process, meaning operators can easily manipulate the workpiece for precise cuts and high-quality results. Features like adjustable blade speeds and tilting tables further enhance precision, allowing for customization based on material and cutting requirements. Vertical bandsaws often have a smaller footprint than other types of cutting equipment, making them ideal for workshops with limited space. Their upright structure allows for more efficient use of floor space while still providing robust cutting capabilities. 

Bespoke Vertical Bandsaws & Expert Advice 

At Saws UK, our vertical bandsaw range includes machines from leading manufacturers known for their quality, features and reliability. We also offer custom built machines to ensure your bandsaw integrates seamlessly into your workflow, enhancing efficiency and productivity. 
Whether you need a basic model for straightforward tasks or a more advanced machine with specialised features, our experienced team is available to help you procure the right bandsaw for your needs. Get in touch for expert help and more information about our range. 

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