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HD 1100 DC GR 

Dual-column band saw is designed for cutting sheet material such as metal grids or large metals or other materials. The machine allows only perpendicular cuts. Massive dual-column support of the saw band arm moving on linear guidance and sturdy construction of the saw band arm ensure excellent stiffness of the whole system, accurate cutting and long service life even in continuous operations. In comparison with standard band saws with saw band speed of ca. 40–80 m/min. the industrial cutting of grids requires high saw band speed, up to 200 m/min. For this reason, the machine is fitted with large-diameter running wheels. That reduces the stress on the saw band and ensures its high service life even at high cutting speeds. 
Vertical fixtures behind and before the cut allow for ideal clamping of large materials. They reliably clamp the material along the entire length of the cut. In order to facilitate optimum seating they are fitted with replaceable rubber belts on the lower side. All this prevents unwanted vibrations when cutting and increases the service life of the saw band. 
Standard cutting height 200 mm and width 1100 mm The height and width can be increased depending on the requirements. 
The machine is equipped with a high-performance industrial hydraulic unit. Pressing a single switch will execute complete cutting cycle – material clamping, uplift of the hinged stop on the conveyor, saw band start, cutting, saw band stop, arm uplift to the original adjustable position and unclamping vices. Both saw band guiding heads are fitted with automatic regulation of feed into cut, which significantly increases the rate and accuracy of cutting and service life of the saw band. Hydraulic unit allows you to set the required pressure of vertical clamps. When you switch to the manual mode you can control all functions separately. Setting the optimum saw band speed by a frequency converter within the range from 50 m/min. up to 200 m/min. contributes to the achievement of maximum productivity. Saw band tensioning by a manual hydraulic pump ensures optimum tension and control of it during the operation of the machine. Optimum tensioning of the saw band is essential for its service life and cutting accuracy. 
Special roller conveyors facilitate the easiest possible manipulation with large materials and they help to achieve maximum productivity: 
S 1100 – length 2960 mm, width 1200 mm 
Basic roller conveyor. Both installation before and after the cut possible. Manual material feed. 
SP 1100 – length 2960 mm, width 1200 mm 
Motor-driven rollers for material feed. Both installations before and after the cut are possible. 
SA 1100 – length 3140 mm, measuring length 2500, width 1200 mm. 
With an electrically powered measuring device. Large stops along the whole width of the conveyor can be folded hydraulically which prevents material from jamming. You can carry out the required length setting from the central control panel of the machine. The operating cycle is automatically synchronised with the whole operating cycle of the band saw. 
SAP 1100 – length 3700 mm, width 1200 mm. 
In contrast to SA 1100, this version is fitted with driven rollers for material feed. 
Large diameter running wheels and precise three-side hard metal guiding ensure the long service life of the band and cutting accuracy. 
Overdesign of running wheel bearings, tensioning wheel system and all rotary parts ensure a long service life of the machine. 
Noiseless and maintenance-free band drive is provided by an industrial electric motor with a worm gearbox. 
The machine checks the correct tension or break of the saw band. If the saw band breaks the machine automatically switches off. 
Easy control by ergonomically placed controls of the saw band and the conveyor (electrical and hydraulics) on a central panel. 
Max Capacity 
Rectangle 90° 
1100x100 (400)mm 
Semi Automatic 
Blade Size 
6760 x34x1.1mm 
Main Motor 
Saw Band Guiding Wheels  
Angle of Blade Output 
Vice Height 
Hydraulic System Oil 
Oil Type 
ISO 6743/4-HM 
DIN 51 524 part 2-HLP 
Machine weight 
HD 1100 DC GR
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