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Ensure Safe and Efficient Operations with Regular Bacterial Testing of Metalworking Fluids

Maintaining the quality and safety of metalworking fluids is crucial in any industrial setting. Regular monitoring and control of bacterial contamination in fluids, machinery, and pipework are essential to ensure both operational efficiency and compliance with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines.

Key Measures for Fluid Quality Management:

  • Direct Bacterial Contamination Assessment: Utilise direct methods to measure bacterial levels in conjunction with routine checks on fluid concentration and pH balance.
  • Simple and Effective Testing: Employ microbiological dipslides for an easy and reliable way to check for bacterial contamination. See this Dipslides Guide for more information.
  • Weekly Bacteria Testing: Adhere to HSE guidance by conducting weekly tests on metalworking fluids to identify and address contamination promptly.

Health and Equipment Risks of Neglected Testing:

  • Human Health Impact: Exposure to contaminated fluids can lead to various health issues, including respiratory infections, allergic reactions, asthma, skin irritation, and contact dermatitis. Additionally, symptoms like eye, nose, and throat irritation are common.
  • Equipment Damage: High levels of microbiological contaminants can increase the corrosiveness of fluids, leading to accelerated wear and damage to both metals and machinery.

By implementing a consistent testing regime, you can safeguard the health of your workforce and prolong the lifespan of your equipment. Stay compliant, safe, and efficient with our recommended solutions for metalworking fluid management.

You can use a free app to keep your records of all the tests. Get in contact.

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