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The reason you should always schedule maintenance for your bandsaws is that it will save you both time and stress in the long run. 
Then there is the important fact that you will have to replace the blade less often – in other words, it’s going to save you money in the long run too. All three of these are good reasons to start jotting down times for maintenance in your work diary today. 
Then there is the fact that it’s safer for you. The fifth reason for regular maintenance checks of your bandsaw is a big one in terms of your reputation – quite simply, it makes your cutting much better. 

How to carry out preventive maintenance on your bandsaw 

Daily checks 
Make sure the blade tension is appropriate for what you’ll be cutting 
Inspect hydraulics system 
Check the guide alignment is in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions 
Inspect the chip removal system i.e. does the conveyor system work properly in removing all chips? 
Monitor saw fluids to allow a free fluid flow through all nozzles 
Inspect vices for wear (stationary and movable). Adjust, repair, or replace 
Always align the vice to blade before cutting. 
Weekly check 
Look at the band speed, monitoring the maximum and minimum speeds. 
Six monthly checks 
Monitor the band wheel bearings. That means looking for any unusual wheel movement. If you find any, then replace. 
Inspect the band guides 
Check the drives and take a look at all the bearings 
Does the drive wheel have excessive play? 
Check the transmission oil level and replace any defective bearings or seals 
Check for proper alignment, tension, and wear of the pulleys. You can either adjust or replace them, if necessary. 
Inspect belts for wear, cracks, stretching and again replace if needed. 
When changing the blade 
Check the band wheels are running smoothly 
Ensure the blade tension is the same as that recommended in the manufacturer’s guide 
Before removing the blade, check the blade tracking. Is the spacing between the back edge of the blade and the wheel flange measuring around one-eighth of an inch? 
Preventive maintenance may take a little time but who wants to cut with dull, breakable blades? And, in the end really, it’s all about the safety of the operator. 
For more information on how best to carry out preventive maintenance on your bandsaw, our expert team are on hand to help. Just call us on 01892 663398 or email [email protected] for guidance. 
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