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Saws UK Ltd is a leading metal cutting bandsaw specialist and band saw blade supplier. We now have a huge range of vertical bandsaws for wood which include the range from Startrite Bandsaws, ACM Italy. If it's advice, spare parts, new bandsaws, aluminium saws, chop saws, circular saws,  bandsaw blades, SHSS Circular sawblades or a service, call us, we will be able to help you.
Specialist bandsaw supplier. Industrial bandsaws for manufacturing and industrial sawing solutions UK.
We are the sole agents for many high quality European manufactured sawing machines in the UK, such as Klaeger, Pilous, Macc , OPUS, Fabris. We can also offer a range of quality Aluminium sawing machinery and the quality Italian made Carif Bandsaw range of semi-automatic and cnc saws.
Always happy to visit your premises upon request and demonstrate our machine's capabilities on your material samples, or we will welcome you here with your cutting samples. Please call us to arrange your demonstration

  Saws (UK) Ltd - a brief history

Saws (UK) Ltd was founded in 1987 by its present chairman Allen Peatfield.
Allen has a wealth of experience in the field of machine tool development, and prior to starting Saws (UK) had been employed by both band saw blade and bandsaws / circular saw machine manufacturers.
He quickly realised the sawing machine was the 'Cinderella' in most companies, often relegated to an undignified existence in a shed outside the main factory.
Saws (UK) has worked tirelessly to get sawing back into the machine shop and to be regarded as a first operation working accurately and efficiently on a cost per cut basis.
Today, saws (UK) supply a range of machines to suit most customer requirements and are happy to design or adapt machines for special applications.
Take a look at our Video section to see Allen showing some of the more common machines, or directly to YouTube account here