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3D Cutting Bandsaw 
The single-purpose two-column band saw guarantees fast and accurate separation of the product from the 3D printer from the printing plate. Cutting accuracy 0.1 mm, cutting width 1.7 mm. 
A special, adjustable clamping system of the printing plate guarantees its optimal clamping. It is equipped with a folding mechanism with stops. This enables easy and quick attachment of the printing plate in a horizontal position and simple folding into a vertical working position. The precise clamping of the printing plate guarantees the setting of the cut with minimal additions, thus saving material during printing. The distance of the cut from the printing plate can be set very easily manually with the control wheel. 
The maximum size of the printing plate is 350 x 350 mm, we will adjust the spacing and diameter of the threads according to your requirements. 
The continuously adjustable jaw of the clamping system enables the installation of a printing plate with a thickness of 10-60 mm 
The machine sits on an innovative base, which was designed with an emphasis not only on sufficient stability, but also on minimal dimensions (the width of the base is only 850 mm). 
The board can be attached in two ways: 
Using screws, standard thread spacing 210 x 210 mm. In the jaw of the clamping system, these threads are solved by exchangeable inserts, so it is possible to choose the size of the thread according to the diameter of the screw hole in the printing plate, M5, M6 and M8. The insert is also replaceable in case of thread damage.  
Using the quick-clamping system, very simple clamping by tightening one screw. The quick-clamping system can be adjusted to the size of the printing plate according to your requirements. 
The machine is characterized by an overall robust construction. It is based on a stable base of the machine with a system for clamping the printing plate and a two-column arm attachment system that moves on a linear guide. The arm of the saw band moves along a linear guide using a hydraulic cylinder driven by a powerful hydraulic unit. The unique arm of the saw band is equipped with cast iron wheels driven by an industrial motor with a worm gear. All of this guarantees long-term cutting accuracy and machine life. The machine is characterized by simple operation from the central control panel with a continuously adjustable cutting speed. After the cut is made, the saw band is automatically switched off and the arm is raised to its original, adjustable position. 
The cutting tool used is an industrial bimetal saw band with a size of 34 x 1.1 mm. The precision of the cut is guaranteed by the three-sided carbide guide. The possibility of setting the optimal speed of the saw band using a frequency converter in the range of 20-130 m/min. contributes to the achievement of maximum cutting productivity, which significantly contributes to the accuracy and speed of cutting and the service life of the saw bands. 
High-quality lighting of the work area is provided by a powerful LED lamp. 
The machine can be modified according to the customer's wishes. 
All photos are illustrative only. Actual product performance may vary due to continuous improvement. 
XPERT 5.2 3D Bandsaw
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