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ELECTRIC FEED Static Sawmill


Forestor CTR800H BIG

Forestor CTR 800 Hydraulic, posizionamento sui motori

Design wise, it is based on the popular model CTR 800 S that is housed on a raised travel frame that allows for installation of complete hydraulic accessories. Handling of the timber using the hydraulic accessories significantly increases machine productivity. At the same time, it saves labour costs, because the machine control and handling even of very heavy timber can be performed by one employee.
The extension sections with a cutting length of 3 metres allow for installation of hydraulic accessories according to your requirements.

Machine control is identical to type CTR 800 S. At the central control panel, there is also the control of the complete hydraulic accessories.

The basic version of the machine has main motor 7,5 kW a cut length of 4.5 metres and it is equipped with the following hydraulic accessories


CTR800 Log diameter

Log turner - x1

The retractable swing turner facilitates the feed of the log towards the anti-roll back stops/squaring arms; it helps when logs are turned in extreme positions and it can be used for clamping short timber.

 Log Turner

 Log taper adjuster -x2

 Log Taper Adjusters

Log Clamps - x2

The hydraulic clamps are automatically centered depending on the log cross section or they can be locked in the required position. They can also be used for one-sided clamping of the log against the anti-roll back stops/squaring arms. All clamps are controlled together by one button.

 Log Clamps

Squaring Arms - x3

The anti-roll back stops/squaring arms prevent the log from skipping when it is being loaded and turned and when balks are being sawn. All anti-roll back stops/squaring arms are lifted together by one button. The lever mechanism ensures that all anti-roll back stops/squaring arms are always set at the same height.

 Squaring Arms CTR800H

The machine can also be equipped with additional accessories as shown below:

Extending section: cutting length 3m (1 anti-roll back stops/squaring arms included)



Double-arm hydraulic log loaderSpecial attachment

The double-arm log loader enables safe and quick lifting of the log to the machine bed. There are fixing points along the entire base frame so that the individual loaders may be easily moved depending on the length of the log being loaded. Each loader is separately controlled, which simplifies even handling of extremely tapered logs.

 Double Arm Log Loaders

Chain log turner


The powerful chain log turner is equipped with two tilting, separately controlled arms. There are chains put on them, driven simultaneously by the hydraulic motor, which makes easy turning of the material.

When cutting long timber with their frequent turning, we recommend equipping the machine with a couple of these turners that significantly shorten the needed handling times and thus increase machine productivity.

With type CTR 800 H, a single-arm type is used that turns the material against angle supports

 Chain Log Turners 800H




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