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Saws UK News & Testimonials 


3D Printing - Sawing Solutions.


Saws UK Ltd are delighted to show yet another application for horizontal and vertical bandsaws.


Removing metal additive manufacturing / 3D Printed components from the baseplate that they are created on can be easily carried out by using a semi automatic machine fitted with special clamping, and is far more economical than wire erosion.


No mess! Many parts can be cut dry using the latest range of blades that are carbide tipped. More difficult materials can be cut with the additional use of an environmentally friendly oil micro spray system.

 3D Metal Additive Printing Saws


Macc Circular saws

We now keep some of the well established Italian Macc sawing machines in our showroom. These machines have been supported in the Uk for over 30 years now and offer a quality range with a quick delivery time. Give us a call to discusss spares or new machinery.

Carif Bandsaws have new UK support.


Carif Sawing Machines italy have now partnered with Saws UK to offer their range of high quality bandsaws in the UK. The range is purely semi automatic and CNC bandsaws that all come with a 2 year warranty as standard. Please see the Carif Bandsaw on the left menu, or click the main site link here: www.carif.it


New Property, more stock, more possibilities!


We are pleased to announce that back in February this year, we moved from the 3 industrial units in Heathfield to one larger unit in Crowborough. This has given us a 30% increase in space and a far better facility to continue growth and be able to further support to needs of Uk industry.


Crown Aluminium  - (testimonial)


Firstly I would like to thank you, Allen and the rest of your team for the time given to me at your showroom.

It is very difficult to make an assessment of a company based on a viewing of an advert on the internet, but Allen’s video performance drew me in time and again, so I decided to contact yourselves to make an appointment which I have never regretted, which culminated with the viewing and purchase of the DG 610 SEMI AUTO BAND SAW.

My decision to buy instantly was initially based on the ability of the machine to perform the operations that I required, but also on the professionalism of your company, it is a long time since I have sat down and done a deal with honesty and a hand shake.

When our saw was delivered, your engineer Rick, was not only efficient, but extremely courteous, and had my team trained in its use very soon.

I will have no trouble recommending SAWS UK LTD to any one in the future, and I know if I am looking for further equipment in your range, you will be my first contact.

Thank you all once again for your help and assistance with my request.



Roger Phillips,



DoAll launch new C-1080NC Bandsaw -  

This large capacity machine has all the features you are already acquainted with, such as:

                 Big column and follower design
Complete, simple control panel
Variable vice pressure control
Reliable components and built
2 meters roller conveyor and work light

Still this machine offers even more standard features but keeps pricing to a competitive level, with:

                 • Additional remote control panel.
                   To control functions such as vice from the backside of the machine when setting it up
Retracting from vice as well, improving movement of material
1000 x 800 mm capacity!!!
Check out the details in the CNC BANDSAW SECTION

Global Car Manufacturer has chosen another Alligator OPUS Vertical Bandsaw to cut their crankshafts in half for hardness inspection. This is the second hydraulic feed bandsaw that has been supplied for this purpose.

Splitting crankshaft for inspection

Dubai engineering company selects Alligator twin column bandsaw to cut heavy sections and pipe in the Middle East. A heavy duty 500mm saw was required to cope with the sections and modifications were made to cope with the extreme temperatures in the works.

Double headed circular saw has been built in house to carry out sawing processes on a manipulated tube that make up a support section for a new 4X4 chassis being produced in the UK. The main units are semi automatic Pedrazzoli circular saws which we mounted to a precision table allowing for future production changes. The machine operated with air clamping and special jigs to ensure the correct componants were produced every time.

Saws UK Ltd were selected by an Oil Tool Engineering company to come with the solution for a production bottle neck within their process. The Cameron Group took their problem to a number of Sawmill suppliers, and only Saws UK Ltd came up with the answers. Their components needed to be machined to tight tolerances, marked out by hand, and then sub-contracted for cutting on a vertical bandsaw. To complete the marking out process alone took 5 hours. We developed a bespoke heavy-duty saw with a custom-built rotary table which fit the bill perfectly.

The second machine has now been designed and installed to the Cameron facility in Malaysia. This strenthens the fact that Saws Uk can provide quality international sawing solutions.

International organisation select Saws UK to build a saw to de-commission nuclear submarines at Plymouth Dockyards: A remote operated 600mm bandsaw with special feed tables has been designed and built by Saws UK to carry out the sectioning of large blocks of metal in a safe and controlled environment.