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Industrial semi-automatic bandsaws for metal cutting and alloys  

Semi-automatic bandsaws provide a fast and efficient sawing solution, increasing production speed where single cuts are required. They reduce labour by allowing the operator to clamp cut and return the saw bow with a single switch. With larger, heavy-duty bandsaws, it isn’t possible to lift the saw frame manually, so hydraulic bow-lifting and a semi-automatic operation are advised. Ideally, semi-automatic bandsaws are used in conjunction with in-and-out tables and a quality measuring device, which make the sawing process very accurate and easy. 
Saws UK has a wide range of semi-automatic bandsaw machines in stock, including Alligator, Klaeger, Carif and TMJ machines, and we also offer great lead times for additional bandsaws through our international partners. We are also experts in providing customised semi-automatic bandsaws. 

Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaws  

HD260LR Semi-automatic Bandsaw
Alligator HD375 SAF 
Double Mitre 
295mm round, 370mm jaw 
Semi-automatic Bandsaw HD510LR
Alligator HD510 SAF 
Double Mitre 
380mm round, 510mm jaw 
Semi-automatic Bandsaw HD260 SAF
Alligator HD620 SAF 
Double Mitre 
500mm round, 620mm jaw 
Semi-automatic Bandsaw E-610DG
E-range E-610DG 
Double Mitre 
330mm round, 600mm jaw 
Semi-automatic Bandsaw Carif 260 BSA
Carif 260 B.S.A 
Double Mitre 
220mm round, 260mm jaw 
Semi-automatic Bandsaw Carif 320 BSA VAR-E
Carif 320 BSA VAR-E 
Double Mitre 
275mm round, 320mm jaw 
Semi-automatic Bandsaw PP501
TMJ PP501 
Twin Column 
400mm round, 500mm jaw 
Semi-automatic Bandsaw PP502
TMJ PP502 
Twin Column 
500mm round, 500mm jaw 
Semi-automatic Bandsaw PP1100
TMJ PP 1100 
Twin Column 
1100mm round, 1100mm jaw 
Semi-automatic Bandsaw T550
Twin Column 
550mm round, 600mm jaw 
TMJ PP 302 G
TMJ PP 302 G 
TMJ PP 302
TMJ PP 302 
TMJ PP 362 G
TMJ PP 362 G 
TMJ PP 362
TMJ PP 362 
TMJ PP 602 G
TMJ PP 602 G 
TMJ PP 602
TMJ PP 602 
TMJ PP 700
TMJ PP 700 

Semi-Automatic Circular Saws  

UA400 Semi auto upstroke
Comet UA400 
Aluminium cutting 
Semi Auto Upstroke 
400mm TCT blade 
Comet UA400 Semi auto upstroke
Comet UA500 
Aluminium cutting 
Semi Auto Upstroke 
500mm TCT blade 
Alligator UA600
Comet UA600 
Aluminium cutting 
Semi-Auto Upstroke 
600mm TCT Blade 
E-C315 Metal Chop Saw
MACC 350S 
Stainless Steel Cutting 
350mm blade 
Our helpful team are ready to discuss any of our machines with you - 
01892 663398 

Email Us For Bandsaw Guidance & Pricing 

Bandsaw cutting ibeam
H beam 
Bandsaw cutting solid bar
Solid Bar 
Bandsaw cutting sheet metal
Sheet Metal 
Bandsaw cutting aluminium section
Aluminum Section 
Bandsaw cutting box
Bandsaw making time saving cuts
Time Saving Cuts 
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