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ISTech Easy 301 A Bandsaw Machine 

Scissor type band saw machine with fully automatic sawing cycle 
The ISTech Easy 301 A is a premium, automatic, NC controlled bandsaw machine with a cutting range from -45°, 0° up to 60° right, achieving excellent results.  
Main machine features 
Controller with 9 cutting programs featuring 99 steps each, on which it’s possible to program number of cuts and length 
Two speeds blade motor with special gearbox 
Large diameter of band wheels 
Carbide band guide inserts and lead-in bearings 
Band brush 
Adjustable head vertical stroke 
Service tools 
Instruction manual with spare parts drawings 
Coolant flush gun for an easy machine cleaning 
Cutting length adjustable through encoder 
Extras available 
Minimal lubricator 
Minimal lubrication system, delivers a light oil film directly on the blade teeth. This option guarantees a safer working environment and a cleaner working place. This option is recommended for cutting hollow sections. 
Variable vice pressure 
With this optionit is possible to adjust vice pressure. This is recommended for cutting thin tubes. 
Adjustable band speed through inverter 
This allows band speed setting from 20 to 90 m/min for maximum cutting rates in a wide variety of materials. 
Roller conveyor 2000x390 
ISTech Easy 301 A
Blades for this machine are available here 
Carriage is £10+ VAT or FREE when you order more than 5 Blades. We accept paypal or credit and debit cards. 
ISTech Easy 301 A Blade
£26.35 exc. VAT
Quantity discounts:
6+ £23.72 exc. VAT
10+ £21.08 exc. VAT

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