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Forestor CTR 1000 H / 40 LX 

The LX is a new version of the best-selling model with the hydraulic accessory CTR 1000 H 40. All innovations have been made to maximizing productivity and machine comfort. Exceptionally robust construction of the machine and high-performance hydraulic equipment allow operation even under the most difficult operating conditions including non-stop operation. Many hydraulic accessories easily handle even very large logs, significantly increase the productivity of the machine and save labour costs. 
Compared to the standard design, it has the following benefits: 
Central control panel 
For a faster, more comfortable and ergonomic operation, the LX version features a pair of joysticks, a touch screen, and main panel is adjustable height. It also allows fully comfortable operations. 
Control the machine using joysticks 
The panel is fitted with a pair of joysticks. 
The left joystick controls the movement of the arm up and down. It is also equipped with a pair of buttons. 
Button 1 – is used to automatically raise the arm by 10 mm after completing the cut to return the arm to the starting position. 
Button 2 – moves the arm by 10 mm at the end of the cut to allow the last board to be removed using the cut material feeder. 
The right joystick controls the movement of the arm forwards and backwards. It has five buttons. 
Buttons 1 and 2 control the movable bar to have saw blade guide much close as possible to the material during the cut. 
Buttons 3 and 4 pre-cut control. For a description of the pre-cutter function. 
Button 5 – „Safety“. 
Touch display 
Easy intuitive operation on color touch screen. The following functions are selected and displayed on the touch-screen with the PLC control unit: 
Display the current position of the saw blade from the lower starting position 
Specifying the required cutting thickness 
Specifying the saw blade kerf 
Automatical movement to the required position 
With the specified cutting thickness and cut, shows the number of pieces that can be cut off from the material 
For all movement displays the current travel speed in m/min. 
To simplify and increase the speed of operation, the LX version works in a semi-automatic cycle. After pressing button 3 on the joystick, slide the cutter disc and move to the material. After finishing the cut and start of the back moves, the pre-cut disc stops and the pre-cut automatically moves to the starting position. It avoids possible collisions. Stopping the precutter blade and turning to the starting position can also be controlled by the button 4 on the joy-stick. 
Clamping of material 
Compared with the standard version, the material clamps are hydraulically height adjustable. This allows the cut material to be griped to the rails to prevent unwanted deformations and ensures that the last plate has the same width along its entire length. 
Loading material area 
Cut material lies on massive, height-adjustable cross beams. In the standard version, the beams have a 6 cm wide bearing surface. For the LX version, the edges are A-shaped so there is the minimum contact area between the beam and the split material. This makes it easier, faster to take out the last board using the Cut material feeder. The feeded last board "runs" cross the beam and there can be no collision of the board edge with the beam. 
Material guides 
New Cut material feeder accessory. The feeder is additionally fitted with an extension with folding guides. These prevent the material being pulled out of the machine axis or the conveyor. Note: Use Material guides limit maximum cutting thickness to 190 mm, cut height to 725 mm and maximum log diameter to 950 mm. 
Pull-out brackets 
Compared to the standard version with squaring arms, the LX version is equipped with pull-out brackets. This prevents a possible collision between the uneven log and the squaring arm. It is possible to fasten much shorter material with the pull-out brackets than with old version arms. The pull-out brackets, as well as the squaring arms, are mechanically interconnected to each other, and thus their height is always guaranteed. 
The basic version is fitted with following hydraulic accessories: 
Hydraulic special log clamp pulling to frame - 2x 
Retractable angle - 4x 
Retractable log turner - 1x 
Taper conicity passive roller - 1x 
Taper conicity driven roller - 1x 
The basic version is fitted with the following accessories 
Hydraulic log clamp - 2x 
Tilting angle - 5x 
Retractable log turner - 1x 
Taper conicity passive roller - 1x 
Taper conicity driven roller - 1x 
Thanks to the unique modular design of CTR series the machine is fitted with many fitting points for hydraulic equipment. That allows large variability of its placement with regard to the total cutting length and specifics of the processed material. 
A wide, exceptionally massive running bridge of the saw band arm and robust running sections ensure undisturbed operation when cutting and even at high running speeds. Professional execution of all main technical units, such as running wheels with their bearing system, saw band arm construction, powering and feeding system, etc. ensure maximum service life and machine accuracy even under the most difficult operating conditions. 
Continuously adjustable machine feed into the cut and back and saw band arm height adjustment. Travel speed is dis-played on the digital display. The central control panel is stationary and it’s placed on the main running section. This allows convenient machine control from a single place with complete hydraulic accessories. The feed into the cut and back is driven by an electric motor with worm gearbox controlled by a frequency converter. You can change the speed of travel simply by turning the potentiometer on the control panel. The end stops provide automatic deceleration and stopping in end positions. 
The massive saw band arm is borne on adjustable hard-chromium rods (for moving up and down) which ensure absolute accuracy of saw band arm movement and virtually unlimited service life, if the machine is lubricated regularly. The vertical movement of the arm is provided by double-sided synchronous chain transmission powered by an electric motor with worm gearbox. The movement controlled from the central panel has two modes of speed – rapid feed and slow feed for accurate movement to a desired position. This system can be always additionally equipped with electronic metering which automatically moves to the specified position. 
The arm is fitted with running wheels made of high-quality grey cast iron with accurate balancing against vibrations. The wheel has a groove along its circumference. The groove holds a replaceable rubber-textile belt which creates an optimum contact area between the wheel and the saw band. 
The sturdily mounted running wheel is powered through a wedge belt by a professional electrical motor specially balanced against vibrations. The tensioning wheel system moves along a sturdy cast iron wedge guide with adjustable pressure bar, which allows highly accurate adjustment without any free travel even in long-term machine operation. 
The basis of the machine is formed by extremely stable travel sections with reversible, adjustable, steel guidance of the arm bridge. Travel sections are amply dimensioned for the indicated maximum diameters of processed logs and based on practice they count even with very tough operating conditions. Double sided guidance of a bridge on the travel sec-tion combined with a powerful engine, enable fluent and fast shift (removal) of even heavy cut pieces when using the cut material feeder. Length of the cut is practically unlimited for all types according to the number of installed sections. Travelling sections are equipped with massive, height adjustable timber bearing areas. 
CTR series present the latest trends in construction of log saw bands with a special emphasis on maximum accuracy and long-term service life of the machine while ensuring minimum costs. The machines are designed in an original modular execution which allows easy replacement or adjustment of all main technical sections and their individual parts. This in the long-term perspective reduces the maintenance costs and service times and therefore production stoppages as well. 
There is a wide range of accessories to all of these machines; they simplify and accelerate machine operation and influence its production. Our original modular system allows additional installation of necessary equipment at any time, because all basic versions of machines include all fitting spots including holes and threads. 
Max. log diameter 
1000 mm 
Max. opening betwen blade guides 
850 mm 
Min. blade height from support beam 
875 mm 
Min. log height 
30 mm 
Max. depth of cut 
450 mm 
Max. log length (standard model) 
7,6 m 
Length track section 
3 m 
Min. log length 
1,2 m 
Saw blade motor 
18,5 kW 
Horizontal feed motor 
1,5 kW 
Vertical feed motor 
0,55 kW 
Hydraulic motor 
5,5 kW 
Hydraulic oil 
ISO 6743/4-HM, DIN 51 524 part 2-HLP 
5350 x 35 - 40 x 0,9 - 1,27 mm 
Weight (standard model) 
2580 kg 
Weight (track section) 
420 kg 
Nomimal current of circuit breaker is minimally: main el. motor 18,5 kW – 63 Ampere 
CTR 1000 H / 40 LX
CTR 1000 H / 40 LX alternate view 1
CTR 1000 H / 40 LX alternate view 2
CTR 1000 H / 40 LX alternate view 3
CTR 1000 H / 40 LX alternate view 4
CTR 1000 H / 40 LX alternate view 5
CTR 1000 H / 40 LX alternate view 6
CTR 1000 H / 40 LX alternate view 7
CTR 1000 H / 40 LX alternate view 8
CTR 1000 H / 40 LX alternate view 9
CTR 1000 H / 40 LX alternate view 10

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