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Bandsaws and cutting machines have been a mainstay of manufacturing industries for more than a century. They have progressed from being strictly manually operated machinery to sophisticated Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines. 
At SawsUK, we stock many of the world's leading bandsaw brands, but we have to confess a great admiration for Simec. This Italian company is currently one of the world’s most innovative cutting machine manufacturers, and has long been at the forefront of highly reliable circular saw development. 
Simec has a reputation of being one of the industry’s most forward-thinking companies, and it is already incorporating futuristic Industry 4.0 technology into its bandsaw products. 

History of Simec 

The foundations of Simec were laid in 1987 in Veneto in north-eastern Italy. Through its determination to produce the highest quality cutting machines, Simec has steadily grown in strength, gaining a reliable, five-star reputation in the process. The company's manufacturing base is still on the Via Lago di Misurina in Schio, a town in the province of Vicenza. 
Schio itself is an inspiring combination of historic districts dating back to the early Middle Ages, and a modern industrial region that has evolved over hundreds of years. The town originally made its fortune in the wool trade. It later turned to textile production, earning its nickname of the 'Manchester of Italy' before turning to light engineering. 
The town of Schio is also surrounded by the stirring landscape of the Little Dolomites that are a major tourist attraction. With such a tradition of manufacturing adaptability and a beautiful region to work in, it's no wonder Simec designers and employees are inspired to be so innovative! 

A Successful Cutting Machine Manufacturer 

Simec operates from a 3,000 square metre, purpose-built factory in Schio's industrial district. Automation is a key feature in the production line, resulting in a workforce that is relatively modest in size. However, the output of Simec has been remarkably prolific for more than thirty years. As a progressive limited company, Simec has an impressive financial standing. 
It has consolidated its early success in circular saw manufacture and is now perhaps one of the most exciting bandsaw manufacturers around. Simec's turnover for 2021 reached almost 5 million Euros, realising the company a pre-tax profit of just under 1 million Euros. 

What Are Simec Cutting Machines? 

Many years ago, Simec decided to specialise in manufacturing precision engineered cutting machines fitted with circular saws. Many of the current models belong to a series of versatile machines. In addition, Simec also adapts existing models for clients, and manufactures entirely bespoke cutting machines. 
At SawsUK, we have enormous respect for the way Simec cutting machines are particularly effective in efficiently cutting through a range of three-dimensional profiles. 
These may be hollow pieces such as bars and tubes or completely solid versions. Simec cutting machines are ideal for processing a wide range of metals including steel alloys, aluminium, brass and non-ferrous metals such as titanium, zinc and copper. These machines are used in a range of diverse industries such as agriculture, automotive and construction. Whatever a Simec cutting machine is used for, you can be sure it performs to the highest specifications. 

Typical Performance of Simec Circular Saws 

Simec has an outstanding reputation as a designer and manufacturer of precision engineered cutting machines. At SawsUk, we believe Simec CNC machines are amongst the most precise cutters available. In recent years, Simec circular saws have been developed to include the latest technology, providing the highest degree of accuracy and performance. 
The cutting precision over large batches is outstandingly uniform, with neatly finished edges. Optional machine adaptations can include deburring machines to further streamline the finishing process. A Simec circular saw helps manufacturing businesses achieve a high level of speed, accuracy and a perfect finish. It can help maintain an efficient workflow and meet delivery deadlines on time. 

Simec Automatic Cold Saw 

A great advantage of using a typical Simec automatic cold saw is the way it maintains a cool temperature between the blade and the work being cut. In many generic cutting machines, high volumes of heat are continually produced by the relentless friction caused when the blade moves through a piece of work. 
This means that some saws require a steady flow of cooling fluid to lower the temperature. However, a Simec automatic cold saw is specially designed to transfer the heat produced by such friction to the discarded chips. It maintains a cool, even temperature throughout extensive use, even when processing continuous large batches. 

Typical Features 

A Simec automatic cold saw is designed for high volume capacities. There is usually the option of reverting to manual loading in addition to the fully automated system. It's considered to be an ideal choice for batches involving variable mitres. It's particularly effective when used for softer metals such as aluminium. 
This type of saw can typically cut bars and tubes with diameters from 10 millimetres to 100 millimetres. Double clamping vices are usually a standard feature and include a quick release system to make tooling changes fast and easy. An automatic feed and central lubrication ensure production maintains efficiency at all times. 
Blade diameter may vary from around 200 millimetres to 370 millimetres. Typical cutting tolerance for straight and angled cuts may be +/-0.2 millimetres. There is often a variable cutting speed from 30 rpm to 3,000 rpm, enabling an extensive range of metals to be processed. 

Simec Automatic Tube Cutting System 

Choosing an automated tube cutting system has several advantages for businesses that need to concentrate on high volume outputs. Full automation can mean a continuous, round the clock workflow with no interruptions. It's usually compatible with a range of metals, providing versatile flexibility. 
A Simec tube cutter provides a labour-saving system that requires little or no supervision, enabling employees to be directed to other essential tasks. This type of cutting machine can be of great service to small businesses as it helps them make the most of limited resources. 

Typical Features 

As a high production machine, a tube cutter usually has versatile features. These often include a versatile bi-directional material discharge. Facilities that are generally standard even on basic models are strap magazine loaders and scrap sorters. They help keep production flowing 24/7 through being highly organised. 
Typically, these machines are equipped with heavy-duty, rotational cutting heads to ensure a consistent performance. They usually include an automatic cold saw method for heat-free production without using cooling fluids. There is usually a blade protection device and versatile options for including accessories such as a deburring machine. 
A tube cutting system can usually process lengths varying from 5 millimetres to 3,000 millimetres. Blade diameters may range from less than 250 millimetres to more than 350 millimetres with a tolerance of +/-0.2 millimetres. The speed of the roller feed mechanism could be around 300 m/min while cutting speeds can be up to 300 rpm. 

Simec Electronic Technology 

Since Simec was established in the late 1980s, it has continually incorporated innovative features. The company has spent many years investing in the latest technology to improve its own production techniques and to develop high performance cutting machines. 
Today's Simec circular saws usually include pre-programmable CNC operation operated by easy to use touch screen control panels. These are features that many rival cutting machines include, but to ensure even greater progress, Simec is already making use of Industry 4.0, the advanced technology that is shaping the future of manufacturing. 

What is Industry 4.0 Technology? 

Industry 4.0 is alternatively known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It was introduced as a research and development initiative by the German government in 2011. The aim was to incorporate advanced technology and computerisation into as many industries as possible. Industry 4.0 technology has already successfully entered into everyday life. In the form of Smart systems, they represent many familiar facilities such as chat bots, home automation systems, GPS trackers and voice control. 
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is gaining an ever greater influence in manufacturing. Robots have been used in factories since the late 1970s, but they cannot be compared to today's versions. Contemporary robotics and automation techniques are highly advanced due to Smart capabilities such as the Internet of Things. It's this integration and cooperation that is beginning to make Artificial Intelligence within manufacturing such a powerful force for companies such as Simec. 

Simec and Industry 4.0 Technology 

Simec is a fine example of how Smart technology is helping to improve manufacturing techniques and productivity. The company was one of the first Italian manufacturers to invest in Industry 4.0 technology. It has resulted in a streamlined factory that is compatible with a range of Industry 4.0 innovations such as robotics, cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence. Simec cutting machines have been manufactured with the help of advanced technology, from the very beginning of each project to its conclusion. 
Real time monitoring, regular production line updates and detailed analytics have ensured that Simec products have benefited from the latest Industry 4.0 technological innovations. It has resulted in Simec circular saws and cutting machines being precision engineered to the highest quality. Strong and durable, they should provide a faultless performance for many years to come, and with Industry 4.0 technology built in, they are fully prepared for the manufacturing challenges of the future. 

Simec Cutting Machines are Industry 4.0 Compatible 

Simec circular saws and bar cutting machines are already compatible with Industry 4.0 technology. Choose Simec cutting machines from SawsUK and your business has the opportunity to adapt to Industry 4.0 technology immediately or at any time in the future. Simec bandsaws integrate with Smart technology for a seamless production line, resulting in higher efficiency and less downtime. 

Simec: Today and the Future 

Simec has the energy and vision to constantly seek out new ways to improve its production of high-quality circular saws and cutting machines. The company continues to perfect its bar cutting machines to provide Simec customers with the highest performance possible. 
A recent development has been the collaboration between Simec and the renowned Japanese manufacturer, Nishijmax. Based in the port of Toyohashi in southern Japan, Nishijmax has been producing precision engineered products since 1924. The Simec bar cutting series now includes high performance carbide blades supplied by Nishijmax. Robust and durable, they produce outstanding results with cleanly cut edges and finishing for continuous production and large quantities. 

Simec: A Global Brand 

Over the last thirty years, Simec's reputation for manufacturing high performance cutting machines has grown significantly. The company now ships to dozens of countries throughout Europe, America and Asia. Simec cutting machines are in great demand in all types of industries including construction, agriculture, automotive and manufacturing. 

Special Features of Simec Cutting Machines 

The popularity of Simec circular saws and bar cutting machines stems from their versatility and reliability. They are particularly suitable for processing large volume orders. The machines are packed with features, allowing a wide range of essential cutting tasks to be performed at high speed. 

High-Quality Blades 

Highly precise, accurate cutting is fast, efficient and neatly finished. Simec machines are fitted with advanced blades that offer diameters such as 200 and 370 millimetres. Some Simec machines have high performance carbide blades manufactured by Nishijmax of Japan. 

Straight and Mitred Cuts 

A wide range of tubes with diameters such as 100 millimetres can be processed. Mitred angles have a particularly wide range of options such as +/-60°. 

Blade Protection 

Simec models often feature a protection device for the blade that is fully adjustable. 

Automatic Feed 

All models feature a powerful gripper feed, while many models include automatic positioning. 

Clamps and Vices 

Various double clamps, hydraulic clamps and a quick release system enhance the speed and efficiency of cutting. 

Centralised Lubrication 

Simec machines are easy to maintain and include automatic, centralised lubrication. 

Adjustable Gearbox 

This allows a wide range of metals to be cut including aluminium and titanium. 

Electronic Control 

Easy to use touch screen panels provide fast operation. 

Programmable Software 

Facilities include monitoring stock, helping to reducing waste. 

Industry 4.0 Compliant 

Integration with the Internet of Things and Smart technology increases accuracy, efficiency and productivity. 

Optional Accessories 

Depending on the individual model, there are several optional attachments available such as a deburring machine and a slope loading system. 

Find The Right Simec Cutting Machine 

Simec cutting machines enjoy an impeccable reputation on a global scale. They are much sought after for a wide range of industries including construction, engineering and manufacturing. 
Choosing a Simec bandsaw from SawsUK provides businesses and organisations with the opportunity to reach beyond their limitations. Through Industry 4.0 technology, a Simec cutting machine creates a fully automated production line that requires minimal supervision. Simec machines are precision engineered, highly durable, and packed with essential features that make the cutting process accurate, fast and efficient. 
To find out more about Simec machines, get in touch with our expert team who will be able to provide advice and information to help you get the best Simec model for your specific requirements. 
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