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Material Cutting 
Insulation and Foam 
At Saws UK we’re proud to have built up an enviable reputation within the bandsaw industry for producing bespoke machinery for clients, based around whatever material they intend cutting, and for whatever purpose. 
The type of materials that can be cut range from individual tyres, plastic, paper, steel, to slicing through huge bundles of aluminium. 
The Meber cutting range 
Meber manufacture vertical and horizontal bandsaw machines. At Saws UK we stock five of their vertical wood bandsaw machines – the Meber SR 500, 600, 700, 900 and 900 Super. 
All Meber bandsaws are produced to be long-lasting, durable and with the intention that maintenance is kept to a minimum. It is, however, essential to brush the machinery after use to ensure all dust and encrustations are removed. 
Other benefits of Meber is that all their machinery come with high quality replaceable tyres. These are easily interchangeable and involve long-life hytrel rings (ø 500-600-700). 
The machinery complies with all current safety standards and is comfortable to operate. The sawblade and all moving parts are protected while the electric installations are certified to ISO 9000 – EN 29000 standard. 
All machinery is tested to comply with European standard noise levels and sawdust emission. 
Each Meber machine we stock is fitted with: 
Self-Braking Motor 
Solid Flywheels, rubber covered 
Cleaning Brush on lower wheel 
Cast Iron Tilting Table, 20 degrees 
Blade Tension Gauge 
Cast Iron Parallel Guide 
Upper and Lower Saw Blade Guide 
Forms of machine customisation 
In order to adjust or create bespoke bandsaw for particular customers there are a number of parts in the machinery that we can change. It is possible, for instance, to extend the cutting height. We can also create either a left or a right-handed cutting machine, depending on your preferences and the material to be cut. The speed of the saw can also be altered, as can the size of the teeth and the saw itself. 
At Saws UK we have produced specialised cutting machinery for various sectors of UK industry. This has ranged from car manufacturers, motorsport industry, oil and gas suppliers, marine industry, defence industry and even the nuclear power industry. 
Recent customised bandsaws we have created include a twin-headed circular saw which we changed in order to cut a pre-bent pipe for the Honda CRV. 
Our experience in customised bandsaw machinery 
At SAWS UK we are the UK's top custom bandsaw and circular saw manufacturers. We have been producing bespoke bandsaw machinery for more than three decades now. As such we can tell, often at a glance, the type of machinery you will need to have built in order to cut a particular material or batch of items. It could involve adapting an existing machine or creating a whole new cutting centre from scratch. 
Get in touch 
If you would like to experience the benefits of a Meber machine for yourself then do get in touch and we will be happy to have a chat regarding its capabilities. You can call us for a quote and/or technical specifications on 01892 663 398 or 0800 521 292. 
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