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Meber have a well-earned reputation in the industry for manufacturing reliable, high-quality bandsaws. The machines are praised worldwide for providing excellent cutting services, often for many more years than the average bandsaw lifespan. These reliable machines are engineered to provide highly accurate cuts for a range of materials, and they are built to last. Some owners are still happily using Meber bandsaws that were purchased more than twenty-five years ago. 

The Meber Legend 

The majority of innovative manufacturing companies evolve over time to become experts in their particular field. Over the years, their products became so trusted and reliable, they inevitably increase the reputation and authority of the brand. 
Meber's legendary European origins date back to around 1956. At this time the company's strong, resilient bandsaws were facing stiff competition from traditional hacksaw machines. However, within a decade, the bandsaw would prove to be the most versatile, with the Meber brand quietly gaining its deserved reputation for excellent reliability. 

Bandsaws Versus Hacksaws 

Meber was instrumental in the adoption of bandsaws for commercial use, and during the 1960s the company was busy providing various industries with efficient, versatile machines of all sizes for vertical and horizontal cutting techniques. Bandsaws were also becoming more advanced, incorporating many technological innovations found in today's models such as the potentiometer. This useful sensor has the ability to measure and adjust linear displacement, helping keep the bandsaw blade well-balanced. 
By the late 1970s, industrial hacksaw machines were being phased out in favour of bandsaws. Consequently, many such businesses viewed the purchase of an innovative bandsaw company as a means of maintaining production. However, Meber continued to be a family-run business. 

Expansion of Meber 

From 1982, the company's directors, Rita Bertani and Stefano Bertani, began guiding Meber to greater success. Under their leadership, Meber has continued to expand. It now operates from substantial premises located in Via Artigianato in the town of Modena in the province of Emilia-Romagna. Many famous companies are located in this northern Italian town, including Ferrari, the celebrated sports car manufacturer. 

Exclusive Meber Bandsaws 

The Meber brand has continued to build upon its reputation, leading to consistently high levels of productivity. Today there is an emphasis on exporting high-quality bandsaw machines that offer various speeds and versatile capabilities. The Meber range of advanced bandsaws has become popular around the world. Satisfied owners are located as far afield as Australia, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, and of course throughout Europe. 

Consistent Bandsaw Performance 

Meber manufacture bandsaws that offer years of consistent service. They are generally suitable for cutting all types of materials including steel, aluminium and plastic. However, it is the bandsaws designed for cutting wood that often generates particularly high demand amongst the Meber range. It is from this category that at SawsUK, we are proud to present an exclusive selection of Meber machines. 

Meber Bandsaws for Wood 

Although Meber often designs highly specialised wood cutting machines for large, established businesses, the company also has a fine range of compact models. They are often much appreciated by smaller scale businesses requiring a specific cutting application such as trimming wood to a particular shape. They are relatively lightweight machines that have been developed to produce almost imperceptible vibration. They also have relatively low noise levels with ratings of between 80.5 dB and 94.8 dB. 

Bandsaws For Various Types of Wood 

Meber bandsaws are perfect for cutting all types of hard and soft timber. Pine is one of the most popular softwoods. It's easy to work with particularly when mastering the technique of using a bandsaw. However, it is a fairly moist timber and may deposit excessive debris on the blade. 
It's often best to use a bandsaw blade with wide set teeth when cutting softwoods. Hardwoods such as oak and ash have beautiful grain patterns that are relatively easy to cut through when using skip tooth bandsaw blades. Alternative hardwoods include cherry with a warm, reddish hue, or walnut that has a naturally rich, dark brown tone. 

Applications of Meber Wood Bandsaws 

A bandsaw from the Meber range is a practical tool that can quickly prepare wood for all types of routine carpentry. It can quickly reduce thick pieces of wood into smaller panels for constructing items such as chair frames, cupboards, shelves or tables. However, the Meber bandsaw is also perfect for creative woodworking. It can sculpt three-dimensional structures including lamp stands, and toys such as rocking horses. Intricate shapes and thin veneers can be precision cut for marquetry and inlaying patterns on table tops. Bandsaws can also be used to turn wooden backed pictures into jigsaws. 

Professional and Amateur Use 

Meber is one of a small number of bandsaw manufacturers that caters for all users including sole traders and even hobbyists. Primarily, Meber has become a firm favourite with professional and amateur woodworkers because the company has incorporated many additional safety devices in the range. These provide operators with a high level of protection when the blade is in action. It's for this reason that many compact Meber bandsaws have become a first choice as educational bandsaws in schools and colleges. 

Choosing the Best Meber Bandsaw 

Woodworking at all levels of expertise can be carried out with a Meber bandsaw. The hobbyist or DIY enthusiast can enjoy using a compact machine that won't take up too much room in the shed or workshop. 
The Meber brand offers bandsaws that are highly efficient and reliable for the heavy demands of prolonged industrial use. The Meber bandsaws we have in stock include models with different speeds, cutting widths and blade lengths. They include many advanced features as standard, and a range of useful accessories. 

Choosing an Educational Meber Bandsaw 

Small workshops and schools particularly value the safety and structure of Meber bandsaws. Fully certified to meet the regulations of the Health and Safety Executive, the Meber brand is an ideal choice when investing in an educational bandsaw. The safety features should help students increase their confidence as they learn how to use the machines. 

Safety and Meber Bandsaws 

Meber machines are designed to fully enclose the blade. The wheels and other moving parts of the bandsaw are also safely enclosed. The exterior casings of the Meber bandsaws in our range are neatly designed, making them streamlined and unobtrusive in any workshop. The casings also help protect the bandsaws' internal components from becoming choked with excessive debris. 

Automatic Safety 

The SawsUK Meber bandsaws comply with current United Kingdom electrical safety standards such as ISO 9000 – EN 29000. The self-braking motors of the bandsaws come to a complete standstill within ten seconds of the machine being switched off. Meber bandsaws often include a large, red safety button. It is highly visible and positioned within easy reach of the operator. Once the button is pressed, it quickly brings the bandsaw to a stop. In some models, the red button is an in-built feature, while in others it is available as an optional extra. 

Sawdust Control 

The fine dust or smoke that is emitted when wood and fibreboard are cut can be hazardous, causing illnesses such as long-term respiratory disease or cancer. Our Meber bandsaws generally feature a double intake exhaust for efficient sawdust removal. The lower wheel of the machine's mechanism is also fitted with a brush to help keep the machine clean. Meber bandsaws are compliant with the dust removal recommendations of the UK's Health and Safety Executive. Whenever possible, it is still wise to wear a mask or suitable breathing apparatus to protect yourself from wood dust particles. 

Low Maintenance 

Meber bandsaws are specifically designed for long-term use. They include features to ensure routine maintenance chores are quick and easy. While brushes and a reliable exhaust system help control sawdust, the machine's components are relatively easy to maintain in a workable condition. In many instances, Meber bandsaws have proven they can provide decades of efficient service. 

Hytrel Covered Flywheels 

The flywheels are generally constructed for solid stability. They usually include high-quality seals that help reduce friction and noise. The seals are manufactured from Hytrel, a thermoplastic polyester elastomer. As a high performance material that is free of plasticizers, it remains supple and shouldn't become brittle over time. Hytrel can also withstand varying degrees of heat, ensuring the seals keep their shape. When they do need replacing, the seals are easy to remove and fit. They can also be used on either wheel. 

Meber High Performance Bandsaws 

The SawsUK range of Meber bandsaws provide users with compact, but powerful vertical contour machines. They are essentially heavy-duty bandsaws and can be relied upon to deliver a superb performance every time they are in use. 
Meber bandsaws are equipped with efficient, durable motors. The models in our exclusive range of Meber bandsaws are usually available with a single or three-phase motor. The latter provides an efficiency that is rated at three times that of a single phase motor. An innovative accessory that is available for some models, is an additional surge of power for the motor to help when cutting heavy loads over prolonged use. 

Variable Speed 

Meber bandsaws usually feature variable speed control. This is often viewed as a positive advantage. Varying grades of timber may cut with greater accuracy when the blade is run at an appropriate speed. Generally, hardwoods can be much harsher on bandsaw blades than softwoods. 

Cutting Ability 

Meber bandsaws are equipped with practical features and accessories that make cutting all types of wood effortless and efficient. Angled and mitred cuts are easily achieved with a range of cutting guides. The bandsaws feature a sturdy cast iron table-top surface that includes a 20° tilt for improved manoeuvrability. Upper and lower standard guides, a mitre fence, and a parallel guide made of cast iron, help provide stability and accuracy when cutting. 
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Cutting Angles and Curves 

A carriage with a high-quality chrome bar recirculation ball and a table ruler help make angled cuts. An integral blade tensioning guide ensures the machine is cutting correctly without distorting the blade. Some advanced models may feature an optional device for pneumatic blade tensioning. This automatically adjusts the blade using a system of air over oil. Meber bandsaws are more effective when cutting curved shapes than a comparable jigsaw. A tip to remember is that curves become tighter if the blade has a narrow width. 

Cutting Heights 

The Meber bandsaws at SawsUK provide a wide range of cutting heights. These vary by model from around 280 mm to 550 mm. Maximum widths increase accordingly from approximately 475 mm to 840 mm. Individual blade lengths range from 4,400 mm up to 6,850 mm. Useful optional accessories may include columns in sizes between 100 mm to 300 mm. 

Versatile Mobility 

An advantage of choosing a compact Meber bandsaw is it can be easily moved. Small factories or home workshops can quickly become cluttered with machinery. However, to reclaim some valuable floorspace, the bandsaw simply needs an accessory consisting of four wheels. These fit neatly at the base of the machine and lock into position ready for moving. 

Find The Perfect Meber Bandsaw At The UK’s Leading Supplier 

At SawsUK, we are the sole stockists of Meber bandsaws for wood. These versatile machines are suitable for woodworkers from DIY enthusiasts to skilled professionals. Our range of Meber bandsaws are equipped with many safety features, making them an ideal choice for students and apprentices learning their trade. 
These superb Italian made bandsaws benefit from more than sixty years of expertise in precision engineering to produce machines that are incredibly strong and reliable over decades of use. It's why the Meber brand is such a popular choice of bandsaw for woodworkers around the world. 
If you are interested in purchasing a Meber bandsaw, or have questions about any of the other types of machines we supply, simply get in touch with our expert team who will be happy to assist you. 
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