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Gemma Group Brand Guide 

Click on this text to edMachines are precision engineered, Italian made and earned an outstanding reputation for reliability and service. They are particularly suitable for high volume manufacturing. 
Versatile and efficient, Gemma Group saws offer a great choice, from compact models to the advanced electronic technology of CNC it. 

History of Gemma Group 

Click on this text to For more than fifty years, Gemma Group has been manufacturing high performance cutting machines. They are noted worldwide for their accuracy and resilience. 
The company began in 1968 when it was established in Coriano, a district in the tourist town of Rimini, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Gemma Group's headquarters are still in the same location on the Via Dante Alighieri. 
Gemma Group Technology 
The company's earliest cutting machines reflected the technology of the day. They were mostly manually operated, but quickly developed into automated bandsaws. Once Computer Numerical Control (CNC) cutting machines began to gain in popularity, Gemma Group diversified to include the latest technology in their products. 
Today, they design and manufacture technically advanced, computerised bandsaws that are precise, efficient and cost-effective.edit it. 
Click on this texGemma Group has a highly skilled, adaptable workforce of highly skilled engineers. There is remarkable camaraderie and loyalty amongst them. For instance, one recent retiree has spent the last thirty-five years working in the spacious, purpose-built factory. 
Gemma Group Expansion 
With new investments and connections, Gemma Group has recently expanded its operations beyond Italy. The company has entered into a partnership with Beta Machinery of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.t to edit it. 

Why Choose Gemma Group Cutting Machines? 

At Saws UK, we stock a diverse range of bandsaws and cutting machines for processing all types of materials including metals, plastics and woods. Our machines offer various capabilities from manual operation to technically advanced CNC machines. 
A versatile addition to our available machinery is the Gemma Group range of highly proficient cutting machines for UK windows and doors manufacturing and construction industry. They generally offer enormous flexibility and choice when manufacturing components for a wide variety of products. 
Bandsaws from Gemma Group specialise in cutting PVC, and light metal alloys such as aluminium, magnesium and titanium. These materials can often be difficult to process with standard bandsaws due to their tendency to splinter when under high-speed pressure. 
Gemma Group cutting machines across all categories share many outstanding features: 
Sturdy Construction 
Stability is an important factor in bandsaw design as it helps improve the machine's overall performance. A stable base and solid machine construction contribute to general safety and longevity. Stability considerably reduces vibrations when the machines are in use. 
Fewer vibrations mean less wear and tear, helping to make regular maintenance routines quick and easy. All Gemma Group cutting machines are manufactured from heavyweight, high grade steel. The base of every machine is usually electro-welded. Some of the larger double head and CNC machines usually feature a heavily ribbed base for added strength. 
Variable Speeds 
Cutting machines with adjustable speeds are beneficial when trimming aluminium and other lightweight metal alloys. Aluminium often avoids splintering when the blade enters at a reduced speed before gradually building up to its maximum strength. 
Gemma Group bandsaws are specifically designed for cutting vulnerable metals with appropriate speeds. They make the entire cutting procedure of soft, lightweight metals effortless. Even components with the thinnest profiles are processed with efficiency and precision. 
Venturi Cooling System 
Lubrication is an essential part of maintaining a smooth cutting action. It helps the blade move efficiently through the metal, contributing to the longevity of the blade. 
Gemma Group cutting machines use a simplified Venturi cooling system that doesn't require separate machinery to operate. Instead, it relies on pressurised air to force the lubrication fluid to its destination in cycles of approximately fifteen seconds. At the same time, the temperature of the pressurised fluid is kept consistently low. Venturi is a cost-effective lubrication and cooling system that helps reduce overheads. 
Widia Blades 
Gemma Group cutting machines usually feature high-quality Widia blades. These are manufactured from carbide steel that offers superior strength and longevity. The blades are typically constructed with laser-cut expansion grooves that absorb the impact of vibration. They contribute to reducing distortion of the work piece during cutting. 
A major benefit is how the blade's construction encourages it to maintain a generally low temperature while in use. This is particularly important when cutting malleable, soft metals such as aluminium as it often warps when subjected to warmth. During the blade's manufacture, the reinforced tungsten carbide teeth are welded and sandblasted, providing them with reliable, unbreakable strength. 
Pneumatic Clamps 
Gemma Group cutting off machines are usually fitted with pneumatic clamps. They effectively hold work pieces in place and are particularly suitable for extended, repetitive runs. The cylinders of the clamps operate through compressed air rather than the liquids of hydraulic versions. 
Pneumatic clamps are considered a versatile, economical choice due to the availability of compressed air in workshops and factories. They are ideal for machinery that is primarily cutting lightweight materials such as aluminium and PVC. Hydraulic clamps are usually preferred for large, heavy-duty metals or particularly large components. 

Using Gemma Group Saws & Cutting Machines 

Gemma Group cutting machines are used in manufacturing to process an enormous range of products and are a great choice for companies needing specialist solutions such as aluminium cutting bandsaws. The machines are particularly adept at cutting three-dimensional aluminium extrusions such as those destined for use as window frames. 
Aluminium may also be used for kitchenware, electronic devices, components for vehicles and aeroplanes, hand tools, shelving and furniture. 
High volume products made from PVC that require cutting include pipes for drainage and plumbing, flooring and household goods. They are often used to cut complex pre-shaped bars to form items such as connectors for aluminium shelving. 
The industries that benefit from the use of Gemma Group bandsaws and cutting machines include general manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, marine, agriculture and construction. 

Gemma Group Product Range 

At SawsUK, we believe the Gemma Group range of cutting machines offers great versatility and performance for all types of manufacturing. 
There is usually a choice of cutting machines with single heads or double heads. Both versions are ideal for processing sheet metal, pipes, tubes and three-dimensional profiles. The machines are also capable of complex compound cuts that combine a bevel cut and mitre cut in one easy action. 
Single or Double Head? 
The main difference between choosing a single head or double head Gemma Group cutting off machine is volume and space. Manufacturers fulfilling particularly large, repeat orders are sure to appreciate the double head machines. Fitted with two versatile heads instead of one, they are capable of simultaneously processing two work pieces with effortless ease. 
Double head machines are inevitably large, occupying far more floor space than compact single head machines. Choosing a single or double head cutting machine at SawsUK is often dependent on your available space and volume of work. However, both versions manufactured by Gemma Group have versatile features for processing a wide variety of components in aluminium, light metal alloys and PVC. 
Gemma Group Single Head Cutting Off Machines 
The single head cutter is a compact, versatile machine. It's suitable for small workshops, low volume orders and specific procedures. Gemma Group single head cutting machines are packed with essential features for the fast and efficient processing of flat, tubular or three-dimensional profiles. 
Typically, a rotational table or work surface is included for flexible positioning. Table stops usually indicate cutting angles of 45° and 90°, although some machines have an additional 135° marker. 
Table tilt is an important factor as it helps the operator to easily manoeuvre work pieces. In single head cutting machines from Gemma Group, the table tilt can often range from 10° or 20° through to 170°. Pivoting angles may be as high as 157.5° from a basic starting point of 40°. The machines usually include Widia blades measuring between 500 millimetres and 600 millimetres. 
Typical cutting lengths may range from 5 millimetres to 656 millimetres. Although relatively compact, the single head cutting off machines are generally powered by motors ranging from 2 kW to 4 kW. Automatic machines may include brushless motors. Some models include computer operation with touch screen display. 
Gemma Group Double Head Cutting Off Machines 
These large, robust machines are an obvious choice for extended runs of mass-produced components. The Gemma Group cutting off machines in this category offer versatile solutions for workshops and factories serving a diverse range of industries. The twin heads of the machines can operate independently. The models generally have a fixed left-hand head. 
The head on the right of the machine can usually be moved through easy to understand operating modes on the touch screen control panel. Tilt angles are generally between 20° and 135° while the pivoting angles may be up to 157.5°. They are often set by manual or pneumatic control. Models in this category usually include full computerisation and are often supplied complete with stand-alone lecterns and touch screen monitors of up to 17 inches. 
X axis capability on some models is highly adaptable for manufacturing projects. It moves on linear guides, offering the opportunity to process components beyond the limits of an X axis measuring up to 6,000 millimetres. The motors of double head machines can be powerful with strengths of up to 15 kW. With Widia blades of up to 1,050 millimetres, the double head cutting machine is ideal for large scale production. 
Gemma Group CNC Machining Centres 
At the top of the Gemma Group range of cutting machines, you'll find the CNC machining centres. These highly technical machines offer powerful solutions for all types of complex manufacturing projects. 
The CNC machines are strongly built, offering many years of reliable high performance when continuously processing large orders. Fully computerised, they can be pre-set to cut through a range of light metals and PVC with a minimum of operator supervision. 
The CNC machines offer a choice of 3 or 4 axis, and generally operate at up to 8.5 kW. An IS030 taper and electrospindle provide reassurance during prolonged machine use. The Gemma Group CNC machines generally feature a rotational speed of 24,000 RPM and include a static inverter for reliable regulation. The maximum for the X axis stroke is usually up to 3,000 millimetres although in some models this can be extended to 4,000 millimetres, 7,000 millimetres or 9,400 millimetres. 
One of the most versatile features of the Gemma Group advanced CNC machines is the tool change system. Some models include facilities for effortlessly replacing up to 10 tools, while on others, the limit is up to 12. There is often automatic positioning for up to 8 clamps. An optional extra for many CNC machines includes pendulum machining. Gemma Group CNC machines usually operate through the Windows platform and include large touch screen monitors of up to 17 inches. 

Gemma Group Versatility 

At Saws UK, we aim to provide our customers with the most extensive range of premium quality bandsaws from the leading bandsaw manufacturers. The inclusion of versatile Gemma Group machines has added a new dimension to our selection. Gemma Group cutting machines are noted for their sturdy construction, precision engineering and outstanding durability. 
The machines are designed for prolonged, heavy-duty usage. They are ideal for processing components of lightweight aluminium, PVCu and metal alloys. These vulnerable materials can often be challenging to cut, but the special features of Gemma Group cutting off machines ensure edges are crisply cut without distortion. 
The cutting machines designed and manufactured by Gemma Group are suitable for processing a wide range of components for many different industries. Whether your business is a small workshop or a large factory, Saws UK can help you locate a Gemma Group cutting off machine that is perfectly suited to your requirements. 

Gemma Group From Machines From A Leading UK Supplier 

We’re proud to offer Gemma Group cutting machines as part of our range here at Saws UK. With decades of experience in the industry, we understand the needs of our customers and believe Gemma Group has something unique to offer. 
These high quality and reliable machines are packed with innovative features and are the ideal choice for a range of specialist cutting applications. 
As one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers of bandsaws and cutting machines for commercial and industrial use, we supply equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers and can help you source exactly the right equipment for your needs. 
If you would like to discuss our Gemma Group range, want to find out which machines are the best choice for you, or have any other queries, get in touch with our expert team and we’ll be happy to talk 
Tel: 0800521292 
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