Come and visit us in East Sussex. Our showroom is open every weekday 9am-3pm for machine demonstrations or test cuts. 
In our latest video, Allen takes you through our Alligator Bandsaw range to help you decide which bandsaw is right for your needs. 
Our basic Alligator machines are manual bandsaws which you lift up. They then come down under hydraulic feed to whatever speed is suitable for the material you’re cutting. They feature a vice, with a handle, and a repetition lock so you can easily repeat cut. If you need to cut longer pieces, we can provide measuring systems on roller tracks. This machine cuts through the material and when it is finished, it switches off. 
A step up from the manual bandsaw is the H Machine, a hydraulic lift machine. When this machine hits the bottom, it will pop back up again. If you are doing a lot of cuts, it saves you having to lift it each time – better for your back and quicker! 
The third option are semi-automatic machines. When you press the start button, they clamp the work automatically, go down, cut the piece, go back up and unclamp. You only need to feed the material through and press start. 
Finally, the fully automatic bandsaw will feed the material through and cut it to length. It is a fully automatic bandsaw with the benefit of a semi-automatic mitre bandsaw included for free! 
The other advantages of these modern machines is that they help prevent back injuries as they are higher up. The machines also swivel so if you are mitring the work is always in the same direction, saving time. You can choose machines that mitre left and right, or which mitre both left and right. The Alligator bandsaws are high quality machines at a competitive price.  
View our Alligator bandsaw range or our full horizontal bandsaw range or contact our helpful team for more guidance.. 
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