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Double Mitre, Gravity Feed Universal Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Compact and robust hydraulically controlled, gravity feed bandsaw for cutting of solids, tubes and sections in stainless steel, mild steel, non ferrous metals and plastics with a double mitre swivel head.



Watch the video here!

  • Rigid, torsion free Cast Iron bow, solid Cast iron vice, swivel and pivot.
  • Precision blade guidance via Carbide inserts and roller bearings.
  • Easy bow lift via counterbalance spring and lift lever.
  • Electric, high output coolant pump.
  • Graduated material end stop assembly.

e-max.it, posizionamento sui motori


 HD260LR bandsaw


90º 45º 60º
220mm 170mm 100mm
265x150mm 170x135mm 105x80mm
Operation Gravity feed
Blade Size 2600mm x 0.9mm x 27mm
Speeds 40 + 80 m/min
Motor Power 1.5Kw
Voltage 400v, 3 Phase
Weights & Sizes Weight 350Kg
Dimensions 1400mm x 660mm x 1400mm
Bed Height 900mm
Images and Videos
HD260LR bandsaw video hd260lr vice
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