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Klaeger Automatic Bandsaws

pharos 280

Automatic twin column band saw

Klaeger automatic band saws are constructed both for a very high number of units during three-shift operation and also for single cuts in manual operation. The high level of reliability and precision provided by our sawing machines is achieved through the use of the best quality components and in particular through their careful assembly. That’s why these machines are truly first class products.

  • Klaeger k-tronic NC control
  • Central panel for electrical and hydraulical control
  • Feed length per lift 600 mm, automatic multiple feed for user-defined lengths
  • Automatic cutoff when material ends
  • Material height recognition, linear guided
  • Linear guided guiding arm on top with automatic cutting width adjustment
  • Automatic rapid /creep motion of the sawframe speed
  • Automatic operation, step-by-step function selectable
  • Semiautomatic operation; material positioning preselectable
  • Full lift clamping cylinder
  • Bilateral clamping at the feed vice
  • Feed area completely cased, sliding protection lid is electronically controlled
  • Electrical driven chip cleaning brush
  • Sawblade rupture control
  • Emulsion cooling device
  • Ground, Carbide sawblade guidance, posizionamento sui motori





Klaeger pharos 280 automatic bandsaw from Saws UK


* 90º 45º 60º
Operation Fully Automatic CNC Bandsaw
Blade Size 3950 x 34 x 1.1mm
Speeds Variable 15 - 100m/min
Motor Power  3Kw
Voltage 400v, 3 Phase
Weights & Sizes Weight 1250Kg
Dimensions 2100mm x 1960mm x 1400mm
Bed Height @730mm
  * capacity reduced when bundle cutting
Images and Videos
pharos-280-control  pharos220-rear-vice  video-coming-soon
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