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 Bandsaws, band saws and metal cutting saws uk

Saws UK Ltd have a huge range of industrial bandsaw machines available from stock, and many more we offer on good lead times directly for the saw manufacturers. The range starts with manually operated pull down bandsaws, gravity feed bandsaws, semi automatic bandsaws and then into the fully automatic and CNC programmed automatic bandsaw machines. Our ranges are selected on quality, support and functionality. Starting with the E Range, Alligator Bandsaws, Carif Bandsaws from Italy and Klaeger from Germany.

If there isn't a standard saw that will do what you need then we are always happy to design and develop a sawing solution, which have done for many customers around the globe.

Please click the menu links on the left or below for specific saws, or you can browse through the pictures shown.

Manual Bandsaws    Semi Automatic Bandsaws   Fully Automatic Bandsaws   Vertical Bandsaws


220mm round, 245mm jaw

E 275 Mitre bandsaw

260mm round, 290mm jaw

E 290PD Pull Down bandsaw

220mm round, 265mm jaw

 HD260LR  Double Mitre bandsaw

235mm round, 280mm jaw

 HD280LR bandsaw

300mm round, 375mm jaw

Alligator HD375R Mitre bandsaw Uk

300mm round, 375mm jaw

HD375LR Mitre Bandsaw UK

330 round, 400mm jaw. 34mm blade


254mm round, 457mm jaw

E457 Double Mitre bandsaw from Saws uk ltd

450mm from £2800.00 + vat 

E1018M Horizontal Bandsaw

260mm jaw IN STOCK

Carif 260BSA bandsaw machine uk

275mm round  IN STOCK


295mm round, 370mm jaw

HD375 SAF Semi Automatic bandsaw

380mm round, 510mm jaw

HD510 Double Mitre bandsaw for steel beams and plates

400mm round, 500mm jaw


330mm round, 600mm jaw


500mm round, 620mm jaw

550mm round, 600mm jaw

T550 DC  Double column bandsaw IN STOCK

500mm round, 500mm jaw

1100mm round, 1100mm jaw

280mm Auto £7250.00 +vat

T-280 Roller Feed Automatic Bandsaw